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Shad Wenzlaff Piano Studio, Madison, WI.

Shad Wenzlaff is a professional piano teacher whose studio is located on the near north side of Madison, WI. Students of all ages are welcome in my studio. I hope you explore my website to learn more.

​​ To call Shad: 608-663-9899

If you're looking to start lessons, or enroll a child for piano study, I'm eager to meet you in person at my studio to begin the journey. Please contact me via email or by leaving a voicemail at my studio - please share the following information:

    Your name, the best time/day to reach you, whether you prefer email or telephone & contact information.

In my opinion, the best time to "start" piano is mid-summer, after the July 4 holiday - and to schedule 5-8 weekly regular lessons to establish a routine & see if piano will fit your lifestyle, habit, and routine.

Call or email today to set up an interview lesson

(Interview lesson: $10 fee /includes basic materials & a book - credited toward your lessons when you enroll).

​​ To email Shad: wenzlaffsh(at)yahoo

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