Shad is a member of professional organizations - MTNA, Music Teachers National Association; WMTA, Wisconsin Music Teachers Assoc., and is the chapter president for MAME, Madison Area Music Educators.

Students benefit from these memberships by being invited to participate in many events throughout the year. 

Welcome to my website

The studio website for Shad Wenzlaff Studio, Madison, WI 53704.

Shad Wenzlaff uses he/him/his pronouns.​

BATC - In the video please enjoy a Madison area Bach Festival!  (fast forward to 9:32 for my full  performance of the

Italian Concerto, JS Bach BWV 971)

Bach Around the Clock Festival

Madison, WI

March 2021

Shad Ryan Wenzlaff has been teaching piano for over 20 years. In Shad's studio, students can expect:

Quality instruction

Quality instruments

Quality setting - where students thoughts and perspectives are valued and respected.

All lessons are personalized - mine is not a "one size fits all" studio. Personalized, and developmentally appropriate lesson plans based on input and interests of the children, parents, and Shad's experience and expertise. 

Professional and personal interactions - this is a place where music learning and music making happens. This is my focus!

Experience and dedication to the art of learning and playing piano & singing - Shad has been teaching from his location in Maple Bluff / n. Sherman Avenue since 2005. 

Shad maintains a commitment to:

wellness - maintain healthy approach to skill development in general music - especially when at the piano and singing - 

facilitating student development of good habits in attentiveness and focus - facilitating the ability to enjoy , read, and perform/share music. 

Students are given opportunities to grow and - when appropriate - be challenged to grow even further.