Welcome to the website for

Shad Wenzlaff Piano Studio, Madison, WI.

If you're looking to start lessons, or enroll a child for piano study, I'm eager to meet you in person at my studio to begin the journey.

What you will get in my studio that noone else can offer:

Creativity. A unique approach to piano education that noone else can offer. My creativity is informed by almost 20 years of experience - 13 years at my current location on North Sherman Avenue in Madison, WI. Over the years, I've given perhaps 15,000+ lessons  = what this means for you is I've taught a wide variety of students ages 3 1/2 - 75. And that experience informs my every instinct and repertoire choice - the way I move a lesson toward a goal - the way I decide how to advise practice and handle challenges and obstacles. 

I hope you will contact me to learn more!  

Please feel to explore and poke around my site - all sorts of surprises and lessons await you!