Shad Wenzlaff Piano Studio

615 N Sherman Avenue - Suite 21

Madison, WI 53704

To learn more please contact Shad:

wenzlaffsh *at*

(608) 695-4005


12:30 pm

through 8:00 pm




9:00 pm

Shad's Fall Schedule (General)


12:30 pm


9:00 pm

Tuesday is my most requested day


Please inquire in person for  thursday lesson times


9:45 am


4:00 pm


no lessons before 4:15

Lessons: 4:15 pm


8:00 pm

​Summer session began June 20.

If you are interested in taking lessons with me, please email wenzlaffsh (at) to make an appointment to learn more.

I am now meeting students for Fall 2022 - beginning after September 9, 2022. 

Read these referrals from current and recent students 

My kids started learning piano with Shad since our family moved to Madison in January 2008 to now, 12+ years and counting. I can't say enough good things about his piano teaching: adaptive, patient, motivated, technical depth yet giving kids fun time to explore. He taught my kids more than just piano techniques. It's lessons about life and with music in it.
Hien Nguyen

I highly recommend Shad as a piano teacher. He creatively approaches all learning styles and levels with integrated and proven methods that encourage, challenge and enlighten his students. He assesses his students’ strengths and opportunities for growth and tailors the instruction to the individual. Shad is a patient and devoted teacher who goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals.
Triumph Ainslie

Shad's patience and support of his students is impressive. He is gifted in finding the strength in each of his students, despite their diverse personalities and styles, and he imparts to each of them a love and respect for the piano.

Nicole Sandler

Fall 2022

Currently enrolled (students who are taking summer lessons) may use the form below to register for Fall 2022 lessons. Please scroll down to see the form.


And indicate the email address you would like for me to reply to.

Message: Include not less than 2 options (ideally 3 or 4) and offer a time range - especially if you are requesting lesson times that are in my "prime time" hours (start times between 4:30-7:15 pm). The more detail you provide, the better I will be able to expedite scheduling requests. If you are flexible, please indicate this as well.

My "sample" schedule is noted below the form