By attending a lesson in-person, I am asking that all students recognize there is an assumed risk associated with being in relatively close proximity - as is reasonable - for a private piano lesson. Understand that Shad may occasionally stand or sit in close (less than 3 foot) proximity as is necessary to conduct a piano lesson. For at least half of the lesson, Shad will be seated on the opposite side of a plexiglass wall - and will use hand sanitizer before and after close or near-close contact with a student. 

I will not ask a student to report or share their immunization status, nor limit who is eligible to take an in-studio lesson other than by enforcing safety protocols. I will assume that students may come in contact with someone who has had COVID with an awareness to the delta and other variants. 

I recognize that mask wearing, hand washing, distancing, and air purifiers are strategies that help to minimize our risk. I appreciate students who share their known exposures and self-isolate by requesting a virtual-online lesson if a known exposure or risk becomes evident - I encourage sharing in the spirit of safety but will not require it.

I will not risk myself, nor any of my students, by granting exceptions to my COVID policies and protocols. 

I will not refund tuition or fees for any reason related to COVID. I will exercise compassion, and reschedule lessons as is necessary to encourage safety and open communication among individuals who feel comfortable self-identifying and sharing information with Shad. 

As of August 10, I have updated my in-studio mask policy.

When children are present - until further notice - please wear a mask in my studio. 

This is a measure of respect for children under the age of 12 who are - as of this summer - ineligible to receive a vaccination.

I prefer that those who take lessons in-studio are fully vaccinated. 

I will wear a mask while others are present in the studio..

My first priority is safety and well-being.


Students MUST wear clean socks & shoes - if there is inclement weather, be sure you have clean socks as they will not be permitted in my studio room. (the lobby is fine for street shoes).

Shad will wear shoes that he wear indoors in the studio only.

Students may leave shoes in the lobby on the designated black carpets - street shoes are permitted in the lobby unless they are soiled / in which case I ask that they be left on the black carpet in the hallway.

Students must regularly wash the piano bag, and bring all of their own materials to lesson. Shad will handle materials as needed. 

"Blue+" air purifiers will continue to run in the studio and the lobby when we are present. 

The following essays and weblinks inform my decision and policies as stated above:



I welcome input from students and families whose expertise will inform a modicum of reason and awareness as regards COVID best practices. Thank you! - Shad