Students MUST wear clean socks & shoes - if there is inclement weather, be sure you have clean socks as boots will not be permitted in my studio room. (the lobby is fine for street shoes).

Shad will wear shoes that he wear indoors in the studio only.

Students may leave shoes in the lobby on the designated black carpets - street shoes are permitted in the lobby unless they are soiled / in which case I ask that they be left on the black carpet in the hallway.

Students must regularly wash the piano bag, and bring all of their own materials to lesson. Shad will handle materials as needed. 

"Blue+" air purifiers will continue to run in the studio and the lobby when we lessons are in progress. ​​

Students are asked to recognize there is an assumed risk associated with being in relatively close proximity - as is reasonable - for a private piano lesson.

Please know that Shad often stands or sits in close (less than 3 foot) proximity as is necessary to conduct a piano lesson.  Shad will use hand sanitizer before and after close or near-close contact with a student. The piano keys get wiped thoroughly between each household / lesson.

Students are asked to consider community safety first. If you believe you may have been in contact with someone who has COVID, we can take your next lesson online. Shad maintains a account specifically for online learning. Shad reserves the right to ask a student to put on a mask during lesson.

Community Safety First

 I prefer that those who take lessons

 in-studio are fully vaccinated - but I

 will never ask your vaccination


 I will wear a mask while others are 

 present in the studio if I perceive a contagious-illness risk. 

 My first priority is safety and well-

 being. Community Safety First. Always.