​Shad Wenzlaff Piano Studio: dedicated to the Art of Piano.

Shad Wenzlaff Piano Studio

Madison, WI


wenzlaffsh (at) yahoo.com

In my studio - students learn to read music, perform, study music theory, improvise and compose, learn to notate music, study solfege, engage with music history, and so much more. 

In my studio, I pride myself on three unique things:

Being Creative

Retaining students(I have a very low attrition rate - I'm here to stay!)

Getting to know my students, and personalizing my goals for students with their ability and interests. 

My deep knowledge base, commitment to continued education, and dedication to managing a student-centered studio is significant. 

I take time off to refresh, keep myself rejuvenated and current while sustaining my commitment to a classical approach to piano and music education. My approach is methodical and thoughtful - mindfulness is part of every lesson and our approach to each new adventure at the piano. 

My students benefit from many varied activities and partnerships. Join us October 18 for the Piano PlayTogether at Mitby Theatre. Free and open to the public. Featuring piano students from near and far across Dane County.

Pictured above is Dr. Gail Berenson - guest master class presenter at which my students have performed and gained insight. I regularly feature students in local and regional festivals, masterclasses, inter-studio activities, as well as recitals hosted by myself at various local venues. Sharing our music and gaining insight through partnerships is integral to my approach to learning and teaching.

Shad teaches weekly lessons for students of all ages. ​

Shad is a member of professional organizations such as MTNA and MAME (formerly MAPTA).