I maintain this page for my younger students to enjoy & practice at home. It is a constant work in progress. 

These are videos I've made of pieces I most enjoy teaching. Each is a duet or lesson that may be enjoyed at home. 

The best way to use these videos:

Parents - have a device such as a ipad, tablet, or phone handy - feel free to hit pause to encourage students to prepare before joining along to "play a virtual duet" with me - enjoy!

If you are a teacher using this page - please email me at wenzlaffsh (at) yahoo.com to share your comments on my videos. Thank you!

Catherine Rollin has written a multi-book series of Museum Masterpieces. Each book features pieces inspired by great works of art - each of which is illustrated beautifully in the volume. 

More videos coming soon!

Good Going G

Museum Masterpieces

Book A

Catherine Rollin

B The Bubble

Awesome A

The Amazing Music Alphabet

Jyoti Hench

Jyoti Hench's collection of elementary level piano solos is a staple of my teaching repertoire. I have put together a few videos that my students may use for at home practice.