Opportunity for Intermediate to Advanced students / grade 5 through High School - HONORS FESTIVAL

Please follow this weblink (green button at right). If you are interested, please have a conversation with Shad before December 10, 2020. Significant advance planning is necessary - and an extra lesson during the Christmas/New Year holiday may be required for many students (additional fees will be billed separately).

Group Classes and Performances are available to all students - NO CHARGE. Classes with an asterisk* may be open to non-student guests / please ask Shad first. All are hosted in Shad's virtual online platform - I will share the weblink privately via email.

VIRTUAL Holiday Group Classes December 2020

Limited to 5 students per class / 6 if 2 students are from the same household; please email Shad to reserve your spot! Christmas or holiday themed music - ready to perform (may be performed memorized or from music).

Thursday December 24 - Christmas Eve performance* - 11:00 am

​Saturday December 26 - Holiday Music performance* - 11:00 am

additional group classes may be scheduled if both of these classes fill.

VIRTUAL Group Studio Classes in January 2021

Limited to 4 students per class / please email Shad to reserve your spot.

1/22/21 - Friday January 22: 12:00-1:15 pm

Group Composition and Improvisation

Requires planning in advance / must register before December 15; students must prepare for this class with 3 weekly assignments leading up to the class.

1/29/21 - Friday January 29: 12:00-1:15 pm
Students are invited to this group class IF your Honors Festival entry is memorized and polished, and students have registered well in advance. Ask Shad if you are interested. Limited to 4 students please - so please plan ahead.

2/12/21 - Friday February 12: 2:00-2:45 pm* (as needed).

Valentine's Performance Class - You must wear RED to participate in this performance. Limited to 7 participants maximum.

For younger students only please - through grade 5.
Students will be asked to share up to 3 pieces - using music, or memorized in a group performance class setting / open to parents/grandparents. If a parent would like to join on a duet - please join us!

2/19/21 Musical Theater Composition 3:00 pm / or time determined by interest.

This class is for students who have been learning to sing while you play, and who are interested in "writing a musical". Requires planning in advance.